Establishing Education Saving Accounts for Nevada Students

The Challenge

One week into the 2015 Nevada legislative session, our team was retained by Ed Choice for the purpose of lobbying on behalf of the single most comprehensive and progressive school-choice bill in the country. However, this effort would prove difficult, requiring traditional lobbying, the ability to manage a hot-button issue in the media spotlight and ability to draft legislative language.

Strategic Approach

The Educational Savings Account’s (“ESAs”) bill, granted parents the ability to remove their child from a public school and take 90% of funding allocated to that school district for that child to use towards alternative educational choices. Other than a 100-day enrollment requirement, it was available to all students – a first for a program like this nationwide.

In order to get this piece of legislation passed, we worked strategically with all stakeholders in order to ensure that the needs of students, parents, educators and school districts were heard and addressed. However, we also needed to work with legislators on both sides of the aisle to guarantee that they were voting for something would benefit their constituents and the state as a whole.

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